French Oak Maintenance

Due to a production process and post-treatment, stains are significantly less visible on our French oak flooring than on traditional parquet floors. The beauty of its patina is preserved for much longer. Nevertheless regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep your floor in top condition for years to come

The maintenance of your floor starts at your front door. Good quality doormats will already keep 80% of the dirt off your parquet and prevent sand from being ground into it. Clean your floor regularly with a vacuum using the soft brush attachment , mop or soft broom. Dirt particles work like sandpaper and will damage the protective surface.

Useful tips

  • Use cleaning products proposed by Enoak. Bleach or other chemical or commercial products may cause damage to your parquet.
  • Do not leave water to run over the floor, and remove spilt liquids immediately.
  •  Avoid excessive use of water when cleaning the floor, your mop should be well rung out and be slightly humid.
  • Never place plants directly onto the parquet, a waterproof tray or dish should be placed under them.
  •  Do not leave any wet or greasy objects on the floor, liquids and grease can seep through the protective oil or hardwax layer causing rings and stains to form on the wood.
  • To prevent scrapes and scratches, place a protective felt stop under chairs and table legs. We don’t recommend rubber as this causes streaks.


  • To clean your French oak flooring, you need a vacuum cleaner, a mop, a bucket and warm water.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment.
  • Fill a bucket with 5 litres of warm water and 60ml of soap supplied by enoak.
  • Dip the mop.
  • Wring the mop until you have no drips.
  • mop a few square meters of your floor with the humid mop.
  • Rinse your mop and start again until you have completed your surface area.
  • During the cleaning, the soap will have two objectives, one to clean your flooring and two, to nourish your wood.

For intensive cleaning

Please contact us with the reference number of your parquet. We will provide French oak flooring prices for maintenance.