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Thermo Treated European Ash for Outdoor Decking

Natural Beauty - Stability - Durability - Low Maintenance

Sustainability and ethical choices play an important role when selecting beautiful new products for our Enoak range. Our aim was to find a product that matches the elegance of exotic woods commonly used for outdoor decking, while leaning towards natural materials endorsed by the European FSC that readily respect biological, ecological, social or cultural values of outstanding significance, known as ‘high conservation values. We chose European Ash as it meets all our expectations.

High Durability:

After Thermo treatment, European Ash is rated in the top category 1 rating for durability in accordance with the CEN/TS 15679 technical standards.

Low Thermal Conductivity:

Comfortable under your bare feet even on the hottest Australian Summer day.

Protection and Maintenance:

After installation your new deck will gradually evolve from its initial caramel brown to a beautiful and elegant natural silver grey. Oiling is optional but not necessary. A light pressure wash, once a year to clean it, is all that is required.

No need to protect it from fungus, termites or other insects, your thermo treated deck is naturally imputrescible.

What is the Thermo treatment ?

Thermo modified wood, is a wood which has been heated to a high temperature of approximately 210°C. Thermo treatment is achieved through the process of following and monitoring several heat phases, while respecting important periods of stabilisation.

The wood is initially heated to 100°C, then gradually raised to 210°C, before a gradual decent. This process treats the wood using a completely natural and non-toxic practice. The timber becomes a lot more stable, has minimal moisture absorption, and results in a product that is extremely resistant to both insects and fungus, known to cause damage in classic wooden deck planks.

After Installation, including Decking Oil

After One Month

After Six Months